Maureen Burdock
Past Projects: Multimedia Installations, Paintings, Artist's Books
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The work below was exhibited at Adams State College in Colorado; at the Anti War Museum in Berlin, Germany; at TAP Gallery in Sydney, Australia; at WomanMade Gallery in Chicago; and in several other galleries and art centers in the US. I began this anti-war, pro-civilian work when the US became involved in Yugoslavia. I continued to make the anti-war art in response to US invasion of Afghanistan, and later Iraq.

Play sample track from installation audio from "The Womb is a Bunker"

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From Collateral Damage Installation
Installation: Refugee Matrasses
Drawing from art book Birthing the War Machine & Politics of Purification
Paintings from The Womb is a Bunker: Exploration of Cellular Memory
VaultShow Sandbags ChechnyaSmall RefugeeBedsSmall BirthWarMachineSmall PuritySmall MotherFatherlandSmall MotherDishesSmall
Pages from Military Malpractice, an art book exploring the etymology of war and medicine
Paintings, oil on masonite
surgicalStrikeThumb SideEffectThumb isolateThumb infestThumb flushThumb CanyonThumb EdgeThumb DesertThumb