Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century

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Marta & the Missing

Spanish translation by Gabriel de Pablo; introduction by Francisco Arce

Marta is guided by the ghost of one of the "desaparecidos" (missing young women of Ciudad Juarez) to sites where other young women are in grave danger. Through Marta's brave actions, she persuades women, men, and children of Juarez to come together and put an end to the femicides.

Mona & the Little Smile

German translation by author; introduction by Sarah Lightman

Mona copes with childhood sexual abuse by helping herself and other children through art and magic.

Maisa & the Very Brave Muslim Women

Arabic translation by Halima Mohammed Abdel Rahman; introduction by Rubina Cohen

Maisa narrowly escapes her uncle, intent on harming her because she is in love with a Jewish man. Through the help of spirits and of living allies, she is able to make herself and other women invisible. The key to regaining both safety and visibility is surprising.

Mumbi & the Long Run

Swahili translation by David Opiyo; introduction by Helen Concannon, and afterword by Esther Korir and Norah Sirma

Mumbi, a Kenyan elite marathon runner, is determined to win the Berlin Marathon in order to raise money for alternative rites of passage back home, before her beloved niece must endure female genital cutting.

Halima's Story: A Future without Female Genital Mutilation

Story written by Halima Mohamed Abdel Rahman; Art by Maureen Burdock

Halima endured FGM when she was just a small girl, too small to fight back. Since that day, she hasn't stopped fighting to end the practice. Halima says, "Change is in process. It will not happen overnight, but with persistence, proper education, and consistency, it is within reach."

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