Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century: The F Word Project


McFarland published this anthology of five comics in 2015. Each story features a protagonist who confronts gender-based violence in her community. Each tale is in English and in the language of the protagonist: Spanish, German, Swahili, and Arabic, respecitvely. Foreword by Trina Robbins. 

Menopause: A Comic Treatment


Edited by MK Czerwiec. Contributors include Lynda Barry, Maureen Burdock, Jennifer Camper, KC Councillor, MK Czerwiec, Leslie Ewing, Joyce Farmer, Ellen Forney, Ann M. Fox, Keet Geniza, Roberta Gregory, Teva Harrison, Rachael House, Leah Jones, Monica Lalanda, Cathy Leamy, Ajuan Mance, Jessica Moran, Mimi Pond, Sharon Rosenzweig, Joyce Schachter, Susan M. Squier, Emily Steinberg, Nicola Streeten, A.K. Summers, Kimiko Tobimatsu, Carol Tyler, Shelley Wall, and Dana Walrath. 

PathoGraphics: Narrative, Aesthetics, Contention, Community (Graphic Medicine) June 2020


Edited by by Susan Merrill Squier and Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff In addition to the editors, the contributors to this volume include Einat Avrahami, Maureen Burdock, Elizabeth J. Donaldson, Ariela Freedman, Rieke Jordan, stef lenk, Leah Misemer, Tahneer Oksman, Nina Schmidt, and Helen Spandler.

Sentient Performativities of Embodiment: Thinking Alongside the Human


by Lynette Hunter (Editor), Elisabeth Krimmer (Editor), Peter Lichtenfels (Editor), Hilary Bryan (Contributor), Maureen Burdock (Contributor), Maxine Leeds Craig (Contributor), Jess Curtis (Contributor), Joseph Dumit (Contributor), Sean Feit (Contributor), Álvaro Iván Hernández Rodríguez (Contributor), Verena Hutter (Contributor), Nita Little (Contributor), Erin Manning (Contributor), Brian Massumi (Contributor), Timothy Morton (Contributor), Ilya Noé (Contributor), Kevin O'Connor (Contributor), Halifu Osumare (Contributor), Bryan Reynolds (Contributor), Guy Zimmerman (Contributor)

On thinking with - scientists, Sciences, and Isabelle Stengers


In the spirit of Nietzsche, the book opens a conversation with Stengers through multiple channels: written text by Jeremy Fernando; paintings by Maureen Burdock; Mariane Klettenhofer's layout which brings both together whilst maintaining their singularities. Thus, a triptych of responses: all disparate yet always also with Stengers; quite possibly in an attempt to respond to the possibility of a community that she calls for.

Touring the Social Imaginary


This fine art catalogue produced by Tali Weinberg and Gina Acebo includes several pages of "Femitypes" by Maureen Burdock and is available here:

Sightlines 2014 Visual and Critical Studies


Sightlines 2014 Visual and Critical Studies published by California College of the Arts; includes "Labradoodle or Lion-Snake? Comics as Folkloric Tradition" by Maureen Burdock