Maureen Burdock

Welcome to my site!

About Me

My Background

I am a chimeric creature—an artist, writer, and PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at University of California, Davis. 

What I Do

I have made images and written stories as long as I can remember. Though I've produced paintings, installations, sound pieces, and even a short animated film, my recent and current work is comics. I am the author of Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century (McFarland 2015), and I am in the process of crafting a graphic dissertation.

My Inspiration

I have so many influences! Among my favorites are trail runs and hikes with all the creatures along the way; women surrealists (especially Leonora Carrington and Remedies Varo); my contemporary comics creators and scholars. You know who you are!

Contact Me

I am happy to provide current CV, biography, list of publications and other information upon request.

Maureen Burdock