Maureen Burdock

Maureen Burdock

Maureen BurdockMaureen BurdockMaureen Burdock

Art, Comics, and Writing about Memory, Trauma, & Social Justice





An overview of autobiographical and activist projects.

Baroness of Have-Nothing


The Baroness of Have-Nothing is an autobiographical and transgenerational retracing of memory, trauma, and feminist resilience. It is a graphic novel, and also my dissertation in progress at the University of California, Davis, Cultural Studies PhD Program.

The F Word Project


I am the author of Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century (McFarland 2015), with a foreword by Trina Robbins. This compendium of fables in visual form features women negotiating different types of gender-based violence and inequity in various cultures worldwide. Five graphic narratives expose such issues as femicide, child molestation and female genital mutilation without defining the affected women and girls by their unfortunate circumstances.



Published graphic narratives and writing about comics, trauma, memory, and belonging.

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